the palms hotel   B O R R E G O   S P R I N G S ,   C A L I F O R N I A       U S A  
"The world's literature and folklore are full of stories that point out how futile it can be to seek happiness. rather, happiness is a blessing that comes to you as you go along; 
a treasure that you incidentally find."

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We're looking for some thoughtful, intelligent hard-working individuals to join our team.

We prefer hiring those who have experience working well with others. People who can make decisions on their own and who are empathetic to our guests needs.

Options / Versatility
We are a boutique hotel with two restaurants and twenty acres of property. Ideal candidates are flexible and can help in various areas.
We need cooks, servers, gardeners, housekeeping and front desk people.

Seasonal hospitality professionals are welcome here.  Reasonable rentals and RV hook-ups are available on a first come basis.  
Our season is October through May
 the palms hotel 
 RESERVATIONS: 760-767-7788